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Are you looking to commercialise your sailing? YachtSponsorship has helped hundreds of sailors, events, promoters and clubs make more of their assets and generate a revenue stream from the sport of sailing. From our digital marketing consulting to our sponsorship bootcamp webinars, we can help you achieve off the water as well as on it.

We have assembled some of the world’s best sailing sponsorship professionals. Some of them specialise in certain markets. Some of them specialise in certain types of sailing. All of them have done deals with big brands and understand how the sport can deliver marketing goals.

Whether you want us to spend a day with your strategy team for an introduction to sailing sponsorship workshop or whether you want us to hold your hand through a multi-million dollar sailing sponsorship program – we have the people who can give you a competitive advantage.


YachtSponsorship does not work for any specific rights holder or athlete. We do not have an agenda or an incentive to push one event or property over another. This means that you get honest advice about which properties might best suit your specific marketing and sponsorship objectives.

Independence is essential in sailing sponsorship because there are so many choices and objective data can be hard to find. We can help you find the real information under the glossy brochures and slick video presentations. We can tell you if there is no sailing property that will meet your needs.

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