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Sponsorship Services

Modern day sponsorship is so much more than a bit of outdoor brand exposure or ‘equivalent media value.’ Our sailing sponsorship services provide a ‘turn-key’ solution from sponsorship audit to measuring return on investment. Through our partners, we can run the day to day sporting activities of a sailing campaign, […]

Is Sailing Getting It’s Share of Sponsorship?

The sport of sailing offers sponsors a wide variety of options to promote their products and services to a desirable demographic with great brand associations. But many sailors aren’t doing themselves any favours when it comes to approaching companies for sponsorship. There are some great sailing campaigns out there that are […]

Is Sponsorship Killing Sailing – A Few More Thoughts.

In late 2012, we published an opinion piece that ruffled a few feathers – which is good…. In particular, some commentators have characterised the editorial piece as being somehow anti-sponsorship or that it suggests sailing doesn’t need sponsorship. exists to promote the sport and the commercial opportunities that it […]