Sailing Sponsorship Consulting For Brands

Don’t sponsor sailing until you have talked to an expert.

The sport of sailing is complicated. The huge number of events, often nearly identical, can make it difficult for a brand to get the best deal. That’s why we offer brands that are thinking about sailing sponsorship opportunties consulting.

Our sailing sponsorship consultants are independent and honest, having spent many years analyzing different yacht racing events from the point of view of sponsorship return on investment and how they meet the objectives of a wide variety of brands.

Don’t leave it up to your advertising agency! Chances are, the first thing that they will do is Google ‘sailing sponsorship consulting’ and hire us with their margin on top. (Of course if you are an agency looking into sailing sponsorship for a client, then feel free to hire us and charge a margin on top)

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Our Sailing Sponsorship Consulting Process

Understanding Your Objectives

We are not representing a particular event, sailor or property, so we won’t even suggest a short-list of options until we know exactly what you are trying to achieve from a sailing sponsorship campaign. We need to know what your brand stands for, what markets are important, what experience you have with sponsorship in other areas? Is hospitality important? Is CSR important? Is internal communication important? At the end of this part of the process, we might tell you not to sponsor sailing.

Leveraging our Expertise

Once we know what you want to achieve, we can provide you with a presentation that outlines some of the options that fit your objectives. Our knowledge of the sport of sailing is extensive and not limited to a type of boat or geographic market. We have relationships with the ISAF (The world governing body of the sport of sailing), rights holders, sailors, events, event partners and the media.

Why We Are Different.

We know which events are ISAF sanctioned, which races are professionally managed, which teams have potential and what the real numbers are. We also know which events are amateurish, badly managed or don’t know how to deal with sponsors. We know which sailors will work hard and honor their media obligations and which ones couldn’t care less.

Getting You A Sailing Sponsorship That Works. 

Once we have determined some options that will deliver your objectives, we will work with you to do a sailing sponsorship deal including the acquistion of rights and a plan for successful activation – but that’s a long way off…