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Abu Dhabi Activate Sailing Sponsorship at Cowes Week

Sailing has become a popular platform to promote travel destinations in recent years. On one side of the deal, promoters of events like the Volvo Ocean Race, Extreme Sailing Series and even Clipper Race bring teams, media and spectators to a venue and showcase it to a targeted audience. On the […]

IWC Schaffhausen Sponsor Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Race Team.

A recent edition of the Financial Times’ ‘How to Spend it’ magazine which focused on yachts and boating carried 14 advertisements for watches including the inside front cover double spread, back cover and inside back cover. So there is no doubt that marketing folk think that there is a strong link between the demographic who have […]

Abu Dhabi Leading the Volvo Ocean ‘Travel’ Race

Many yacht racing promoters count tourism and travel organisations amongst their biggest supporters. Cities bid to host events and in return get to raise awareness about a destination and perhaps also a bump in tourism numbers. As the start of the Volvo Ocean Race approaches, some host ports are doing […]

Abu Dhabi Will Raise the Bar for Volvo Ocean Race Stopovers. 1

In the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, there were some shaking of heads and grumbles from the establishment when organisers put stops in India and China. The traditional blast around the southern ocean, miles from sunshine or spectators was replaced by a bold attempt to bring offshore racing […]