Henri Lloyd

Who Is on Top of Google For Your Products and Services? 3

Having re-read a number of recent posts, I have a nagging feeling that the tone of the website is a bit too negative. It’s not intentional, and it’s born of frustration that that sailing is still predominantly an amateur pastime, and that amateurism extends to the way in which the […]

What Can the America’s Cup Learn from F1 2011?

The new deal America’s Cup, which perhaps for the first time is aiming to appeal as much to spectators as it is to team-owners, has set expectations high with regards to the communication of the event to fans via television and social media. The entrepreneurial zeal of California is waking […]

Henri Lloyd Back British Sailing Through Sponsorships. 1

Henri Lloyd Sign as Official Clothing Partner for J P Morgan Round The Island Race. The Island Sailing Club, organisers of the J P Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race, have announced that Henri Lloyd will be the race’s official clothing partner for the next two editions. Henri Lloyd […]

No Mention of F1 in New Henri Lloyd Environment Policy. 1

When compared to motor-racing or powerboat racing, sailing enjoys nice clean associations with the environment, but there are many other sports that have a smaller environmental footprint. On World Oceans Day it is important to remember just how the environment is an asset of all businesses connected with the sea. […]