torvar mirsky

Is Sponsorship Killing Sailing – A Few More Thoughts.

In late 2012, we published an opinion piece that ruffled a few feathers – which is good…. In particular, some commentators have characterised the editorial piece as being somehow anti-sponsorship or that it suggests sailing doesn’t need sponsorship. exists to promote the sport and the commercial opportunities that it […]

Venezia Challenge Excused From the America’s Cup

While it is great to see so many potential America’s Cup challengers announced for the next edition, most people have been sceptical about how many would ‘make it’ in the long run. Despite entry fees being reduced, rules relating to requirements bent, and significant concessions being made to attract teams […]

Torvar Mirsky Jumps Ship For AC Helm Chance with Venezia

When the America’s Cup switched its format from match-racing in monohulls in favour of the more extreme catamaran event, sailors who had spent years developing core skills for the Cup were caught in a bit of no-man’s land. Skippers like Ian Williams, Torvar Mirsky and to a lesser extent, Ben […]

The Wave Muscat Sponsorship Boosts Mirsky’s 2011 WMRT Hopes.

When Mick Doohan retired from MotoGP, with 5 World Motorcycle Championships under his belt, the rights holders of the championship – Dorna – went looking for a new Australian star. They found Casey Stoner, and in doing so, kept thousands of Australian fans interested in the event. Meanwhile, in sailing. […]

World Match Racing Tour Unveils 2011 Star Sailors.

Mirsky, Radich, Robertson, Richard… These are the names of the stars that the World Match Racing Tour will build its global tour around in 2011. Alongside these rising stars will be sailors like Ian Williams and Peter Gilmour who not only love the format that is one-on-one match racing, but […]