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Since 2008, we have studied the sailing sponsorship marketplace globally more closely than anyone else.  Now we have teamed up with some of the best commercial operators in sailing to offer brands the best sailing sponsorship advice.

Unlike a sport like football or golf where the game is always the same, sailing includes a wide variety of different sporting disciplines – from the latest carbon-fibre speed machines to classic wooden yachts. No matter what your brand, there is something for everyone.

From Automotive and Financial services companies looking to promote to consumers, to global organisations trying to build employee motivation through internal communications or engineering and technical brands looking for technology transfer – yacht racing can provide you a solution.

Our Offer

For Brands, Sponsors & Agencies

You probably have an advertising agency that looks after all your sponsorship decisions. You might even have a specialist sports marketing consultancy that advises you about options, but there are not many people who can provide good, independent advice if you want to sponsor sailing – we know them all.

We have established partnerships with some of the best independent sailing sponsorship professionals in the business. Whether you know what you want and need to get to the right person or you want someone sitting next to you in a meeting, we know the right person for the job.

Our model allows us to find you the right professional anywhere in the world, at whatever budget level you require. Learn More…

For Sailors & Rights Holders

Here’s a reality check. There are a lot more people looking for sponsorship than there are brands or sponsors who are wanting to sponsor sailing. We do not have a big list of companies who are just waiting to sign off on a big sailing sponsorship. Before you do anything else, if you haven’t already – read this article.

If you didn’t pay to read the article, do not send us your sponsorship proposal. Sailing is expensive and if you won’t invest £1 to get advice, then you probably aren’t serious raising commercial sponsorship.

If you are serious, then we might be able to help you, but keep in mind that the competition for sailing sponsorship money is probably more difficult than winning your dream event.

Who is YachtSponsorship?

YachtSponsorship was founded by David Fuller after he had worked with some of the world’s top sports marketing properties. Taking best practise ideas from rights holders such as NASCAR, MotoGP and Manchester United FC, David started YachtSponsorship as a blog to promote commercial and sponsorship best practise to the sailing industry and the sport of yacht racing.

David is now known throughout the industry as one of the most outspoken and independent commentators on the sport of sailing. He is not afraid to take on the big issues and his thought provoking editorial has been published in sports marketing media and sailing media around the world. David has chaired the annual industry conference – the World Yacht Racing Forum in 2011 and 2012 – helping to shape the debate for professionals in the sport.

David is also the Editor of the DARK BLUE BOOK – the Who’s Who of Sailing and Yacht Racing.